CCGS and our history

Updated Thursday September 13, 2018 by CCGS.

Who We Are

Coconut Creek Girls Softball (CCGS) is a non-profit organization designed to give girls the opportunity to learn a great game, meet new friends and be in an enjoyable environment!


We are located in Coconut Creek, Florida and are dedicated to training our players to move through our developmental softball program.  Not only do we emphasize the fundamentals of the game, but we teach our athletes to portray positive attributes such as dedication, discipline, dignity, respect, leadership, self-confidence and community.


"Life like softball, will throw you curveballs, will present bad hops and will sometimes make you feel like you can't win, no matter what you do.  BUT, if you take the skills and traits you've learned - teamwork, initiative, intensity, support, and dedication - there is NOTHING you cannot achieve.”


CCGS Timeline


  • CCGS became independent league
  • CCGS Founding Fathers form first official Board: John Brodie, Tim & Megan Hornef, Omar Dume, Kenny Forbes, Doug Duncanson and Charles Prock
  • First Training And Development Program (TAD)
  • Inter-league Play is established; Inaugural Season begins in 2010



  • CCGS recognized as official Softball league of the City of Coconut Creek
  • Commissioner Becky Tooley given the title "Mayor of Softball", an unanimous vote by the CCGS board
  • Coconut Creek Crush Travel was formed



  • CCGS Second League doubled in size both TAD and REC
  • Crush Board formally established



  • CCGS Once again Grows 40%



  • Crush 14u ranked first in state by USSSA July
  • Crush 14u placed 2nd in USSSA State Championship Aug
  • Crush 14u honored by the Coconut Creek commissioners for their achievements