Frequently Asked Questions


Updated Thursday September 13, 2018 by CCGS.

1) My daughter has never played before. Can she still be registered?

Yes, we have girls in each division at all skill levels; from girls that have never played before to girls that play on our competitive travel teams.

Every season we have players in each division that are playing for the first time. Our coaches make every effort to help each girl learn the game and improve their skills.


2) What equipment or uniform do I need to purchase before the season starts?

For our spring season, the league will provide one team uniform that includes a jersey, one set of pants and a pair of socks. In the fall season we provide only a jersey.

Required equipment:

  • A batting helmet with a face mask
  • A fielder's glove

Suggested equipment

  • Cleats
  • Bat
  • Fielder's mask

If you need help choosing the correct equipment for your daughter you can ask her coach.


3) Can my daughter move up to play in an older division?

If a player wants to move up, she will need to be evaluated and approved by the league's board. The league will only have one player evaluation per year and this is held in January. Be sure to the website for upcoming dates.


The board will decide if the player can move up on these factors:

  • The player has the skill level to play and be safe in the older division.
  • There are spots available in the division she is moving up to.
  • There are enough girls in the division she is leaving and by moving up, she is not hurting her current division.

*A player will not be allowed to move up unless she comes to this evaluation.


4) What days will my daughter play and/or practice?

Spring season

  • T-ball: 2 activities per week, includes either 2 practices OR 1 practice and 1 game
  • All other divisions: 3 activities per week, includes either 2 practices and 1 game OR 1 practice and 2 games

Fall season

  • All divisions: 2 activities per week, includes 1 practice and 1 game

Spring/Fall seasons

  • On week nights, younger divisions (T-ball, 8U and 10U) will practice and/or play at 6pm. Older divisions (12U and 16U) will normally practice and/or play at 7:30pm.
  • Saturday game times vary, but for the most part, younger divisions play earlier in the day and older divisions play later in the day.

5) How long are softball seasons?

  • Our spring season runs from middle of January to beginning of May. Practices start 3rd week of January and games begin 2nd or 3rd Saturday in February.
    • T-Ball plays 8-10 games; other divisions play 16 regular season games, plus intercity and Coconut Creek playoffs.
  • Our fall season runs from the beginning of September to the end of October.
    • All teams will play 8-10 games. There are no playoffs.


6) Can I make special requests; for example, a certain coach or team?

We make every effort to approve special requests based on schedule conflicts or other commitments; ex: religion class, school club, etc.

All other requests are considered low priority, however, we will try to fulfill them as long as we can keep the teams balanced and competitive.


7) Can I manage/coach my daughter's team?

Even though we encourage every parent to volunteer, we want to make clear that managing or coaching a team is a privilege, not a right. Each request to manage/coach will be evaluated by the board and the board will determine if the request will be approved.

The board has the right to reject requests based on background checks, references from other leagues, parent's feedback, coach/player interactions or any other information the board might deem important.

The board evaluates all coaches every year, based on league's surveys and parent's feedback. Therefore, a person previously approved is not guaranteed a coaching position the following season.


8) I don't want to coach, but can I help my daughter's coach on the field?

Yes, we always welcome extra hands to help the coaches, as long as it doesn't interrupt practice.


Before anyone can go on the field with the girls, they must be approved by the board and pass a background check.

The cost for the background check is $20. Once approved, the volunteer will receive a shirt.


9) I don't live in Coconut Creek, can my daughter still play in your league?

Yes. In addition to registration cost, you will need to buy a Non-resident Youth Sports Card from the city. For more information, click here to visit the City of Coconut Creek's website.


10) Where will practices and games be played?

All practices will be held on fields located in Coconut Creek. Fields are located at Sabal Pines Park, Hosford Park and Lyons Creek Middle School.

Most home games are played at Sabal Pines Park, with some games played at Lyons Creek Middle School or Hosford Park.

We do play neighboring cities, so there will be games played in Coral Springs.


For a complete list and map of where we play, click here.